My Brand New first presses

This is how you have a physical Brand New collection

Free to a good home

Y’all be jealous

  • Your Favorite Weapon (UK), Your Favorite Weapon (JPN), Your Favorite Wepaon (re-issue), Your Favorite Weapon (Promo DVD), Jude Law and a Semester Abroad (UK CDS)
  • Deja Entendu (UK), Deja Entendu (JPN), Sic Transit Gloria (UK CDS), Sic Transit Gloria (UK DVD), Sic Transit Gloria (EU CDS)
  • Quiet Things (UK CDS), Quiet Things (UK DVD), Quiet Things (EU CDS), The Holiday EP, Beer: The Movie Soundtrack
  • The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (UK CDS), Sowing Season, Jesus (UK CDS), Jesus (US CDS)
  • Daisy (UK CDS), At the Bottom (US CDS)

I feel sorry for the people who say Deja Entendu is their favourite album yet they’ve downloaded it illegally

I reckon at least 80%-90% of those downloads will have the files from the advanced leak where the mix is quieter and the quality is poorer. They are missing out.


This is all I need in life.