The mighty Flood Of Red rejoin is in our epic struggle against mediocre music, for another night at Bar Bloc. It’s been a while since we’ve seen these Post-Hardcore giants in Glasgow, last time was special, and this occasion promises to be no different.

Bear Arms join Flood Of Red in a return visit to Struggle, fresh from the release of their incredible second EP - New Skin, through our very own label!

Jonathan Snee has been recording and has a brand new record to showcase for us. This show marks the launch of that record, more heartfelt & thoughtful acoustic storytelling from Glasgow’s loudest man.

Bar Bloc, Free Entry
8.30 onwards


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    for reals
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    Tonight. It’s gonna be memorable.
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    Reblogging again just in case you missed it the first time. If anyone wants to Skype me into the show I’ll PayPal you...
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    this show is going to be a special one for me, so if you are at all near by, please come along!
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    Can’t even begin to describe how gutted I am that I won’t be there. Wonder if work will think about swapping my week day...
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    We’ll be there as always but I can see it being reeeeeeeeeeeeally busy so we’ll probably be stuck round the corner....
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    Bear Arms and Flood of Red? Sweeeeet.
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