Cosmin Moți became a folk hero after he switched from centre-back to goalkeeper during the game between Ludogorets and Steaua Bucuresti. 

When the game went to penalties, Cosmin saved two goals as his team eventually won the shoot-out against Steaua. Ludogorets will now play in the group stage of the Champions League for the first time in their history. (x)

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"Ofcom has received six complaints after a lesbian kiss featured in Saturday night’s Doctor Who episode, “Deep Breath”.

The BBC Sci-fi drama came under fire from some fans for the“inappropriate” moment between lizard-woman Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny…


Cast answer “Why you should #WatchCommunity” using only 5 words. (x)

I completely forget how much i love these people and then they speak and i remember

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I’m still really upset and angry. He did it once, the camera happened to be on him, he did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show. - Michael Schur (x)

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Snakehole Lounge: Pawnee’s Sickest Night Club + Text Posts

never let this trend end

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, (rhapsody, spotify) etc, and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.ONE RULE: NO SKIPPING!

I tag swearingisforartstudents and that’s probably it I don’t know many people

1. Hands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg) - Ariana Grande
2. Dead Friends - I am the Avalanche
3. All Wrong - The Story So Far
4. Mu Empire - glassJAw
5. Almost Ghostless/Above the Gathering Oceans - Crime in Stereo
6. A Search for Definition - Half Hearted Hero
7. Slow Roam - Polar Bear Club
8. In the Line - Koji
9. Logan Circle: A New Hope - The Wonder Years
10. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
11. Fightboat - The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die
12. The Great Repetition - Touché Amoré
13. Closing Remarks - Hostage Calm
14. Holiday - Fireworks
15. Memories on a Deck: Part I - Right Away, Great Captain!
16. Dance, Shuffle, Move Your Feet - July
17. Rainbow - Jessie J
18. Jamaica Next - The Movielife
19. Open Season - Man Overboard
20. Conquer the World (feat. Brandy) - Jessie J

i’m standing on the precipice...


it’s a cliff that i’ve prayed on before/ so much so that despite the fact that i don’t know if i believe in a god or gods anymore my fingertips they bear callouses/ my palms they bear callouses from pressing together so tightly/ i pray hard when i pray.

i’ve often thought that this maw in front…